Key Issues

Effective and Actionable

Mary has a real passion for Kansas City. She has always been an active volunteer to make this city better. She is a leader ready to make changes that affect us all. Below are some of the primary issues that are on the minds of every Kansas City citizen. Let’s get these done.

Public Safety

Kansas City has a crime problem. The City needs to focus on the goal of 1500 police officers. In 1968 the Mayor’s Commission on Civil Disorder report recommend the goal of 1500 police officers. If Kansas City is to be world class, Kansas City can’t understaff and overwork police officers. State oversight should be maintained.

Cleanup Kansas City

Cleaning up Kansas City needs to be a priority of the City and all citizens. In South Kansas City citizens have been doing this for over a year, you can follow them on The Real Kansas City Facebook page. This would also include regularly scheduled bulky item pickup.

City Services

Increased funding for street repairs, sidewalk replacement, neighborhood inspectors and reliable trash pickup should be a priority.

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